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Vector Signal Measurement Software

VSA Software is a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis which enable you to explore every facet of a signal and optimize your most advanced designs. It is PC-based and enables you to measure more than 75 signal standards and modulation types for cellular communications including evolving 5G New Radio, wireless connectivity, WLAN 802.11ax/11be, 802.15.4/4z HRP UWB, MILCOM, satellite communications and more.

89601200C Basic vector signal analysis and hardware connectivity
89601AYAC Digital demodulation analysis
89601B7NC 3G modulation analysis
89601B7RC Wireless connectivity modulation analysis
89601BHFC Custom OFDM modulation analysis
89601BHGC LTE/LTE-A FDD modulation analysis
89601BHHC LTE/LTE-A TDD modulation analysis
89601BHMC DOCSIS modulation analysis
89601BHNC 5G NR modulation analysis
89601BHPC FMCW radar analysis
89601BHQC Pulse analysis
89601BHTC IoT modulation analysis
89601BHXC High throughput WLAN modulation analysis
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