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Signal Analyzers Measurement Applications

Interlligent UK offers a wide range of ready to use, signal analysis applications for cellular communications, wireless connectivity or general purpose measurements. Characterise device performance – phase noise, noise figure, pulse – to the latest wireless standards and compliant measurements including 5G / 5GNR, LTE, IoT, WLAN. All measurement applications offered by Interlligent UK are legal and genuine.

Cellular Communications
N9072EM0E cdma2000
N9076EM0E 1xEV-DO
N9080EM0E LTE/LTE-Advanced FDD
N9080EM3E NB-IoT & eMTC
N9082EM0E LTE/LTE-Advanced TDD
N9083EM0E Multi-Standard Radio (MSR)
N9085EM0E 5G NR (New Radio)
Wireless Connectivity
N9075EM0D Mobile WiMAX™
N9077EM0E WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p/n/af/ah
N9077EM1E WLAN 802.11ac/ax
N9081EM0E Bluetooth®
N9084EM0E Short Range Comm and IoT
General Purpose
N9054EM0E Vector Modulation Analysis Custom Modulation
N9054EM1E VMA Vector Modulation Analysis
N9061EM0E Remote Language Compatibility
N9062EM0E SCPI Compatibility
N9063EM0E Analog Demodulation
N9064EM0D VXA Vector Signal Analysis
N9067EM0E Pulse Analysis
N9068EM0E Phase Noise
N9069EM0E Noise Figure
N9091EM0E Measuring receiver
N9092EM0E Avionics
N9093EM0E Radio Test Basic Analog
N9093EM1E Radio Test Basic Digital
N6171A Matlab

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