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RF Seminars

Interlligent is proud to host the most professional experts from academia and industry, lecturing on the most trending topics.

Interlligent UK, an RF specialist offers technical services and solutions to the RF, Microwave and wireless communications industries. It combines in-depth knowledge, experience and extensive infrastructure with the best training and support available in the UK, delivering a service second to none.

We understand that companies are now looking for a robust, reliable solution to their RF challenges. Based on our in-depth technical knowledge we offer complementary services in the fields of RF and Microwave Training and Test Equipment Solutions…

RF & Microwave Design Seminar

We hope to be able to host our RF & Microwave Design Seminar again soon. Thank you for your continued support.

RF & Microwave Design Seminar

Interlligent UK’s next Seminar will be on Thursday 5 November 2020 at The Moller Institute, Cambridge. More information on the topics and presenters will be available soon.

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