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E8267D 20, 31.8, 44 GHz, PSG Vector Signal Generator

Key Features and Functions 

  • 100 KHz to 20, 31.8, 40, 50 or 67 GHz (Extend to 1.1 THz with frequency extender)
  • Output power (10 GHz): +23 dBm
  • Phase Noise (10 GHz, 10 KHz offset): -126 dBc/Hz
  • Frequency Switching: 9 ms
  • Harmonics (10 GHz): -55 dBc
  • Internal Baseband Generator: 80 MHz
  • EVM (16 QAM): 0.8%

Here at Interlligent UK we are pleased to offer Keysight’s E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator.

The E8267D Vector Signal Generator is an integrated high performance microwave signal generator for testing advanced receivers, advanced radar, satellite communications, aerospace & defense and broadband wireless.

Find out more information about the PSG E8267D Vector Signal Generator by using our contact form, by emailing us at:, or by calling us on: 03308 280057. We would be more than happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about the Keysight E8267D Signal Generator.

Frequency n/a
Frequency Options 13, 20, 31.8, 44 GHz, Extend to 1.1 THz
Performance Level ◆◆◆◆◆◇
Output Power @1 GHz n/a
Phase Noise @1 GHz (20 kHz offset) n/a
Frequency Switching (Typical) n/a
Harmonics @1 GHz n/a
IQ Modulation BW Internal/External 80 MHz to 4 GHz
Non-Harmonics @1 GHz n/a
Sweep Mode n/a
Baseband Generator Mode Waveform playback and real-time
Software-General Purpose
  • AM, FM, PM
  • Analog I/Q Input
  • ASK
  • Custom I/Q Map
  • Digital I/Q Input
  • FSK, MSK
  • I/Q Waveform
  • Jitter Injection
  • Multitone, NPR
  • Noise (AWGN)
  • PSK
  • Pulse
  • QAM
  • Real-Time I/Q
Software-Cellular/Wireless Connectivity
  • 1xEV-DO
  • 802.11 WLAN
  • 802.16 WiMAX
  • Bluetooth®
  • cdma2000
  • cdmaOne
  • EDGE Evolution
  • UWB
  • W-CDMA
Software-Audio/Video Broadcasting
  • CMMB
  • DTMB
  • DVB-C/S/S2
  • DVB-T/H/T2
  • J.83 Annex A/B/C
Software-Detection/Positioning/Tracking/Navigation n/a
Waveform Playback Memory 64 Msa
Frequency Modulation-Maximum Deviation @1 GHz n/a
Frequency Modulation-Rate @100 kHz Deviation n/a
Phase Modulation-Maximum Deviation n/a
Phase Modulation-Maximum Deviation in High-BW Mode n/a
Amplitude Modulation-Maximum Depth n/a
Amplitude Modulation-Rate n/a
Applications Available  Yes
Vector  Yes


Frequency range
E8267D-513 Frequency Range, 250 kHz to 13 GHz
E8267D-520 Frequency Range, 250 kHz to 20 GHz
E8267D-532 Frequency Range, 250 kHz to 31.8 GHz
E8267D-544 Frequency Range, 250 kHz to 44 GHz
Spectral purity
E8267D-UNX Ultra Low Phase Noise Performance
E8267D-UNY Enhanced Ultra-Low Phase Noise Performance
Analog modulation
E8267D-UNT AM, FM, Phase Modulation, and LF Output
Pulse modulation
E8267D-UNU Pulse Modulation
E8267D-UNW Narrow Pulse Modulation
Baseband generator
E8267D-003 PSG Digital Output Connectivity with N5102A
E8267D-004 PSG Digital Input Connectivity with N5102A
E8267D-009 Removable Flash Memory, 8 GB
E8267D-602 Internal Baseband Generator, 64 MSa Memory
Hardware options
E8267D-007 Fully Synthesized Analog Frequency and Power Ramp Sweep
E8267D-1EH Improved Harmonics Below 2 GHz
E8267D-016 Wideband Differential External I/Q inputs
Connector type
E8267D-1ED Type-N (f) RF Output Connector
Connector configuration
E8267D-1EM Move All Connectors to Rear Panel
Calibration documentation
E8267D-UK6 Commercial Calibration Certificate with Test Data
E8267D-A6J ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
E8267D-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding
E8267D-AMG Cal + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Accredited)
Custom Solutions
E8267D-SP1 Signal Studio for Jitter Injection, Fixed Perpetual License
E8267D-SP2 Dynamic Sequencing
E8267D-HCC Provides 250 MHz to 10 GHz In and Out on the Rear Panel
E8267D-H1G Provides 1 GHz In and Out to Minimize Phase Drift for Frequency 250 kHz to 250 MHz
E8267D-H1S Provides 1 GHz in and out on the rear panel
E8267D-HBQ Band limited Wideband Differential External I/Q Inputs
E8267D-H18 Wideband Modulation Less Than 3.2 GHz
E8267D-HFA Frequency range from 250 KHZ TO 10.3 GHZ
E8267D-HBR Band limited wideband differential external I/Q inputs, 1.6 GHz
Firmware personalities
E8267D-403 Calibrated AWGN, Fixed Perpetual License
E8267D-409 GPS Single Satellite Personality, Fixed Perpetual License
E8267D-423 Scenario Generator for MS-GPS Personality
E8267D-ABA Hardcopy of the English Documentation Set
E8267D-AB2 Chinese E8267D PSG signal generators user’s guide
E8267D-ABJ Japan E8267D PSG Signal Generators User’s Guide Option
1CR100A Rack Slide Kit, Mounting lengths 497-574mm, Palette 2015 for PSG
Signal creation software
N7621B Signal Studio for Multitone Distortion
N6171A MATLAB Software
N7620B Signal Studio for Pulse Building
Software with Subscription
N7611EMBC Signal Studio for broadcast radio, waveform playback
N7612EMBC Signal Studio for TD-SCDMA/HSPA, waveform playback
N7614EMBC Signal Studio for power amplifier test, waveform playback
N7610EMBC Signal Studio for IoT, waveform playback
N7615EMBC Signal Studio for mobile WiMAX, waveform playback
N7617EMBC Signal Studio for WLAN 802.11, waveform playback
N7623EMBC Signal Studio for digital video, waveform playback
N7624EMBC Signal Studio for LTE/LTE-Advanced/LTE-A Pro FDD, waveform playback
N7625EMBC Signal Studio for LTE/LTE-Advanced TDD, waveform playback
N7608EMBC Signal Studio Pro for Custom Modulation, waveform playback
N7600EMBC Signal Studio for W-CDMA/HSPA+, waveform playback
N7601EMBC Signal Studio for cdma2000/1xEV-DO, waveform playback
N7602EMBC Signal Studio for GSM/EDGE/Evo, waveform playback
N7606EMBC Signal Studio for Bluetooth, waveform playback
N7607EMBC Signal Studio for DFS Radar Profiles, waveform playback
N7609EMBC Signal Studio for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), waveform playback
N7626EMBC Signal Studio for V2X, waveform playback
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