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Network Analyzer Software

InterlligentUK offers a wide range of ready to use software applications that turns your Network Analyzer into a complete RF test solution. Characterise and troubleshoot designs and components with software including real time s-parameter and power measurement uncertainty; pulsed-RF measurements; noise figure and noise parameter; phase noise, and spectrum analysis. All measurement applications offered by Interlligent UK are legal and genuine.

S93007B Automatic Fixture Removal
S93010B Time Domain Analysis
S93011B Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR
S93015B Real-time S-Parameter and Power Measurement Uncertainty
S93025B Basic pulsed-RF measurements
S93026B Advanced pulsed-RF measurements
S93027B Add mechanical noise tuner control for noise figure/parameter measurements
S93029B Noise figure measurements with vector correction
S930317B Phase noise measurement up to 70 GHz
S930321B Phase noise measurement up to 125 GHz
S93050B Analysis bandwidth up to 1.5 GHz
S93051B Analysis bandwidth up to 4 GHz
S930700B Modulation distortion up to 8.5 GHz
S930701B Modulation distortion up to 13.5 GHz
S930702B Modulation Distortion up to 26.5 GHz
S930704B Modulation Distortion up to 43.5 GHz
S930705B Modulation distortion up to 50 GHz
S930707B Modulation distortion up to 70 GHz
S94570B Arbitrary Load Control for Modulation Distortion
S93072B Internal 6 GHz arbitrary waveform generation
S93080B Frequency-offset measurements
S93082B Scalar mixer/converter measurements
S93083B Vector and scalar mixer/converter measurements
S93084B Embedded LO Capability
S93086B Gain-Compression Measurements
S93087B Intermodulation Distortion Measurements
S93088B Source Phase Control
S93089B Differential and I/Q Device Measurements
S930900B Spectrum Analysis, up to 8.5 GHz
S930901B Spectrum Analysis, up to 13.5 GHz
S930902B Spectrum Analysis, up to 26.5 GHz
S930904B Spectrum Analysis, up to 43.5 GHz
S930905B Spectrum analysis, up to 50 GHz
S930907B Spectrum analysis, up to 70 GHz
S930909B Spectrum Analysis, up to 90 GHz
S93093B Spectrum Analysis, up to 120 GHz
S93094B Spectrum Analysis, beyond 110 GHz
S93118B Fast CW Measurements
S93460B True-Mode Stimulus
S93551B Network Analyzer N-Port Calibrated Measurements
S93898B Built-in Performance Test Software
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